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Amerec AK22

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Amerec AK22 Steam Generator: The Pinnacle of Steam Bath Excellence Discover the Amerec AK22, a 22kW steam generator designed for both home and day spa use, capable of servicing steam baths up to 900 adjusted cubic feet (ACF). This unit,...


Amerec AK22 Steam Generator: The Pinnacle of Steam Bath Excellence

Discover the Amerec AK22, a 22kW steam generator designed for both home and day spa use, capable of servicing steam baths up to 900 adjusted cubic feet (ACF). This unit, featuring dual 11kW generators, is a powerhouse of efficiency and reliability, crafted to enhance the steam bathing experience.

Dual Generator Design for Maximum Efficiency

  • Innovative Tandem Configuration

The AK22’s unique setup of two 11kW generators working in tandem ensures a balanced and powerful steam production, providing a seamless and continuous steam flow essential for larger steam baths.

  • Premium Build Quality

Constructed with a stainless-steel tank and industrial-grade heating elements, the AK22 is built to last. Its durable electronic components and an advanced water level control system underscore its commitment to quality and longevity.

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

  • Consistent Temperature and Steam Production

The AK22 utilizes Sequential Temperature Control technology to maintain a consistent and even flow of soft steam, enhancing the steam bath experience by eliminating temperature fluctuations.

  • Engineered for Reliability

Designed to deliver exceptional performance, the AK22 steam generator is a testament to Amerec’s engineering excellence, ensuring reliable operation year after year.

Design and Installation Flexibility

  • Compact and Convenient

Despite its robust output, the AK22 boasts a compact design, allowing for discreet installation in various locations like closets or vanities, making it a versatile choice for any space.

  • Easy and Economical Service

Featuring removable heating elements, the AK22 is designed for straightforward and cost-effective maintenance, ensuring its longevity and consistent performance.

Technical Specifications and Customization

  • Power Options and Installation

The AK22 is available in both 240V and 208V, with the flexibility to be field-wired for single-phase or three-phase configurations, accommodating different electrical needs.

  • Control and Operation

The generator’s operation is managed via the available K3 control or R30K 30-minute timer, with each package including a ComfortFlo steam head for optimal steam dispersion.

Enhanced Features for Optimal Experience

  • Scalable Solutions for Larger Spaces

For steam showers exceeding 900 ACF, the AK22 can be linked with additional units, demonstrating its capability to service larger steam bath enclosures efficiently.

  • Recommended Accessories

Amerec’s Automatic Drain System is advised to prevent calcification and lime build-up, ensuring the generator’s efficiency and prolonging its service life.

Warranty and Safety Assurance

  • Peace of Mind with Limited Lifetime Warranty

The AK22 not only promises superior performance but also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, highlighting Amerec’s confidence in its product.

  • Safety and Compliance

Fully serviceable and certified by UL, CSA, and CE, the AK22 meets stringent safety standards, ensuring a secure and dependable steam bath experience.

A Trusted Name in Steam Bath Solutions

The Amerec AK22 represents the zenith of steam bath technology, offering an unmatched blend of performance, reliability, and user-centric design. As part of Amerec’s esteemed AK Series, the AK22 solidifies the brand’s leadership in the market, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious and dependable steam bath solution.

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Amerec AK22
240V (Home Use) - $6,325.00
  • 240V (Home Use) - $6,325.00
  • 208V (Commercial Use) - $6,325.00

Amerec AK22

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