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Welcome to Avid Health and Wellness, where the passion for saunas meets the craftsmanship of a former autoworker turned entrepreneur. Hi, my name is Jay, and I've transitioned from the assembly line to curate a collection of saunas from top manufacturers, bringing quality wellness experiences to your home.

With years of automotive industry precision under my belt, I've applied the same attention to detail in selecting saunas products for you. At Avid Health and Wellness, each product is a testament to quality, resilience, and a commitment to your well-being.

Our saunas, sourced from reputable manufacturers, reflect the values of hard work and dedication. From classic designs to modern innovations, every sauna we offer is a result of our desire to provide you with the relaxation of a spa day in the comfort of your own space.

Join me on this journey to create a space where relaxation and craftsmanship come together.

Welcome to Avid Health and Wellness, where the warmth goes beyond the sauna itself, thanks to our carefully curated selection from renowned manufacturers.

Thank you for choosing Avid Health and Wellness, your partner in creating a sanctuary of wellness within the comfort of your home.




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